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We strive to make the tax preparation process as painless as possible for our clients, beginning with the Tax Preparation Organizers that we customize and provide to existing clients at year-end.

ENTITY Tax Preparation Organizers -
- Provided in December with year-end action items and deadlines
- Custom Checklist tells you what we need

INDIVIDUAL Tax Preparation Organizers -
- Provided in January with overview of the Tax Season deadlines
- Custom Questionnaire, the Heart of the Organizer with a Yes/No Format that drives your data collection list
- Custom Worksheets as needed

In our continuing effort to be as paperless as possible, we scan any paper documents you provide us into our Electronic Filing Cabinet as well as download outside electronic records on your behalf. We welcome documents delivered to us via our secure client portal access. All these electronic files become a permanent record of your backup data. We return the paper documents to you with your finalized Tax Return.

New Incoming Clients can reference and download Organizer components (see below). Or we are happy to prepare a package for you - just ask!

LAKE KENNEDY MCCULLOCH, Certified Public Accountants

ENTITY Tax Preparation Organizer Components

New ENTITY Client - please complete our Intake Form
New ENTITY Client - please review, sign and return to us Letter of Engagement
2016 ENTITY Year-End & Reporting Deadlines
2016 C CORPS Checklist of Required Data
2016 S CORPS + PARTNERSHIPS Checklist of Required Data
2016 NON PROFIT / TAX EXEMPT Checklist of Required Data
New ESTATE/TRUST Client - Intake Form
2016 ESTATE/TRUST Tax Return Data Collection

PERSONAL Tax Preparation Organizer Components

New INDIVIDUAL 1040 Client - Intake Form
New INDIVIDUAL 1040 Client - Letter of Engagement
2016 Client Cover Letter
2016 Tax Preparation Questionnaire
2016 Client Information
2016 Dependent Information
2016 Schedule A - Itemized Deductions
2016 Schedule C - Business Income & Expenses
2016 Schedule E - Rental Income & Expenses
2016 Schedule F - Farm Income & Expenses
2016 Business Use of Home and/or Business Use of Vehicle

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